The Redmere Soloist

Graphic Equaliser and Reverb

Worth remembering that the Graphic EQ is always in circuit so it will affect all of the footswitch setups in the same way. The S-5-1 and S-5-2 boards share the same circuitry, but the JAM wire moves to a more logical place on the later layout.

Graphic EQ & Reverb PCB Schematic S-5-1 and S-5-2 / 005 0046

The reverb tank is an Accutronics 9AB3D1D (Type 9, 10ohm i/p impedance, 2575ohm o/p impedance, long delay time, i/p isolated and o/p isolated, no lock, vertical mounting plane - connectors down)

Graphic EQ & Reverb PCB Layout S-5-1

Graphic EQ & Reverb PCB Layout S-5-2 / 005 0046