The Redmere Soloist

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Signal and Low Voltage Power Supply Routing

The first drawing is taken from a chassis with no serial number made sometime in 1978. The second had factory stickers ranging from 21.2.79 (assembly) to 18.5.79 (test).  There are minor differences in wire colours and board issue numbers.

Note that the 220R resistors feeding +/-12v to the input buffer have been moved onto the PCB. The DI isolating transformer was mounted onto a new PCB numbered S-12-x rather than being screwed to the back panel.

The later chassis didn't have Molex plugs fitted to the wiring loom, the wires were soldered directly onto the circuit board pins.

Wiring to the back panel footswitch D-type connectors was different on the later unit, so one of them was wrong and untested (or they redesigned the footswitch). Both drawings show the pin-out of the 1978 chassis but check the connections on the footswitch if you have one.

1978 Unit (as found)

Visio-Redmere Soloist Signal And Low Vol

1979 Unit (as found)

Visio-Redmere Soloist Signal And Low Vol