The Redmere Soloist


The flanger is designed around a Reticon SAD512D (8 pin) bucket brigade delay chip, £50 to £60 if you can find one. If the Flanger doesn't work (very quiet or no signal with the effect switched on) then Murphy's Law says it's going to be the 512. The only good news is that it's in a socket. It's possible to buy a 16 pin SAD512 (without the D) a lot cheaper, but they're not a drop-in replacement.

Flanger Schematic S-7-1 Boards

Flanger PCB Layout S-7-1 Boards

Watch out for IC6. It faces the opposite direction to all the others.

Flanger Schematic S-7-2 Boards

Flanger PCB Layout S-7-2 / 005 0048 Boards