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Burns Orbit Amplifiers

A few of these turning up these days, but not a lot of service information. They're some of the earliest mainstream transistor guitar amps, and Orbit Twos and Threes can still be had for a few hundred pounds. If you want to be pedantic, the Vibrato effect is actually Tremolo on all Burns equipment.

Just a personal opinion but, interesting (and good sounding) as they are, these are some of the worst examples of mechanical design and assembly you're ever going to see. Think twice if someone says "I've just bought this; can you have a look at it for me." Expect multiple age and corrosion related faults, especially high resistance solder joints, and difficult to find parts.


Burns Orbit Two

880. Orbit Two

Burns Orbit Two Control Panel.jpg

Available initially as a 2 x 10" and later as a 1 x 12"

16"h x 121/2"w x 91/2"d

Advertised output 40watts (British)

This is misleading. British power ratings were normally rms and this would be the peak power - 20watts rms (see Orbit Three below)

Burns Orbit Two 2x10.jpg

Orbit Two 2 x 10"

Burns Orbit Three

Orbit Three schematics (and new layouts) have moved to HERE

881 / 885. Orbit Three Standard

Burns Orbit Three Control Panel Standard

882 / 886. Orbit Three Reverb "with extra dimensional control" if you're into that sort of thing.

Burns Orbit Three Control Panel Reverb.j

There are four different versions of this unit:

881 and 882 (reverb): 'Orbit Three'  3 x 10"

885 and 886 (reverb): 'Orbit Three Double 12'  2 x 12"

21"h x 25"w x 10"d     Weight approx 37Ib

Advertised output power:

60watts. Although it's not specified in the brochure, this is peak power

Actual measured output power at clipping:

33watts rms into 2 ohms

25watts rms into 4 ohms

Visio-Double 12 Logo.jpg

Worth noting that, although Burns advertising didn't seem too bothered, the 'Orbit Three Double 12' is not the same as an 'Orbit Double 12' (see below).

Burns Orbit Three Rear 2.jpg

882 Orbit Three 3 x 10" with reverb

Burns Orbit Double 12

Channel 1 gets a rotary Bass control instead of the tone selector switch.

Orbit Double 12 Reverb

Burns Orbit Double 12 Control Panel Reverb

An amp that Bert Weedon used and spoke very highly of. His own Double 12 (right) was part of a collection sold at auction by Bonhams, London in 2012.

Bert Weedon's Burns Orbit Double 12.jpg

Photograph courtesy of Bonhams auction house


Burns Orbit Six

883. Orbit Six Standard

Burns Orbit Six Control Panel Standard.jpg

884. Orbit Six Reverb

Burns Orbit Six Control Panel Reverb.jpg

Available as a 6 x 10" or 3 x 12" with or without reverb.

23"h x 331/4"w x 12"d

Weight (insert large number)

Advertised output power 100watts (British)

This is probably peak power - 50watts rms into 2 ohms

Burns Orbit Six 3x12.jpg

Orbit Six 3 x 12" with reverb

Baldwin - Burns Orbit 75

Baldwin Burns Orbit 75 Control Panel.jpg

Advertised output power 75watts through 2 x 12" speakers.


Although there were still a lot of Burns versions around, this was the only Orbit in the Baldwin 1966 catalogue. It's a mix and match, transition model using the new Baldwin control panel styling and old Burns cabinet shape.

The speakers have moved around to what used to be the back and you can actually see the controls on stage (at last).

They can be found, now and again, with light brown cabinet covering and knobs from the Sonic range.

Baldwin Burns Orbit 75.jpg

Baldwin Burns Orbit 75

Semiconductor Details


If:   4A

Vbr:   200V

Silicon Bridge rectifier



Vcb max:   32V

Vce max:   18V

Veb max:   10V

Ic:   250mA

Ptot:   200mW

Hfe:   50

PNP Germanium

TO1 Case.jpg


Vcb max:   60V

Vce max:   40V

Veb max:   10V

Ic:   500mA

Ptot:   200mW

Hfe:   50

PNP Germanium

TO1 Case.jpg


Vcb max:   30V

Vce max:   20V

Veb max:   15V

Ic:   2500mA

Ptot:   750mW

Hfe:   50

PNP Germanium

TO8 Case.jpg

PNP Germanium


Vcb max:   80V

Vce max:   32V

Veb max:   40V

Ic:   10A

Ptot:   50W

Hfe:   50/150

PNP Germanium

TO3 Case.jpg


Vcb max:   60V

Vce max:   32V

Veb max:   20V

Ic:   10A

Ptot:   50W

Hfe:   50/150

PNP Germanium

TO3 Case.jpg


Vcb max:   36V

Vce max:   32V

Veb max:   10V

PNP Germanium

TO3 Case.jpg

Ic:   3A

Ptot:   43W

Hfe:   30/90

PNP Germanium


Vcb max:   40V

Vce max:   40V

Veb max:   10V

Ic:   4A

Ptot:   23W

Hfe:   15

TO3 Case.jpg


PNP Germanium

Vcb max:   60V

Vce max:   32V

Veb max:   20V

Ic:   8A

Ptot:   30W

Hfe:   25

TO3 Case.jpg


PNP Silicon (The only silicon transistors in the circuits, used as channel input devices)

No other data available

OC706 Case.jpg