Vox AC30

There are pictures of rebuilt AC30s all over the place, so no point in doing any more. Instead these are some tidied up schematics of the various versions with component values that are difficult to read on the factory originals.

It's interesting (if your interested in that sort of thing) that the AC30 drawings were all updated in September 1964.

  • OS/056 was issued on the 9th Sept 1964 as the TREBLE version.

  • OS/057 was issued on the 11th Sept 1964 as the BASS version.

  • OS/065 was up-issued to issue 4 on the 11th Sept 1964 when the word NORMAL was added to the title.


Even though they have lower drawing numbers than 065 (which is marked as being issued in 1960), there doesn't seem to be any reference to 056 or 057 before 1964. Work that one out. The drawings refer to the AC30.36, presumably 3 channels / 6 inputs. Later serial number plates just said AC30/6.

To make life easier, the power supply details and revision notes have been separated out onto a second sheet on each of the versions. The power indicator lamp doesn't appear on any of the original drawings unless I've missed it.

Vox AC30.36 Treble Version From OS/056

Vox AC30.36 Treble Version Schematic Sheet 1
Vox AC30.36 Trle Version Schematic Sheet 2

Vox AC30.36 Bass Version From OS/057

Vox AC30.6 Bass Schematic Sheet 1
Vox AC30.6 Bass Schematic Sheet 2

Vox AC30.36 Normal Version From OS/065

Vox AC30.36 Normal Version Schematic Sheet 1
Vox AC30.36 Normal Version Schematic Sheet 2

Vox AC30 Top Boost Mod From OS/010

The A/026 drawing referred to is the schematic for a four input version.

Vox AC30 Top Boost Mod OS/010