Selmer Treble 'N' Bass 50 R.S.V.

Although cosmetically one of the less desirable Selmer designs, this series are actually very nice, affordable amps. This particular one has been in the wars a bit and seems to have been fairly close to a fire judging by the melted control knobs and lack of covering material. It ended up living under some old engine parts after that.

This was just a 'get it going and make it safe' project, so no attempt to polish anything up.

Treble 'n' Bass 50 RSV Schematic

Selmer Treble 'N' Bass 50 R.S.V. schematic

Layout Below Chassis

Selmer Treble n Bass 50 RSV layout

Layout Above Chassis

Selmer Treble n Bass 50 RSV top layout

A few 'after' pics (yes, I know the carpet needs hoovering)

Bearing in mind that this was just a 'get it going' project, it's had a very quick once over to the metalwork.


The Mains and Standby rocker switches had disintegrated and are modern replacements. Ideally they would be changed for NOS metal surround versions.


The pots feel rough but they probably always did and they still work. Knobs are whatever came to hand at the time and, again, could be exchanged for something nearer the originals.

The power cable had a properly fitted 13Amp plug but was only a foot long (it may have been chopped off in the past if the amp was sold as 'parts only').

All of the mains  wiring has now been stripped out and replaced along with the heat damaged cable to the Standby switch.

Through a decent cabinet it sounds the business and hopefully it'll be back out on stage for a long time to come. 

Despite what folks will say (including me sometimes), if the amp sounds fine and looks OK, it really isn't necessary to replace every capacitor in sight. It will be fairly obvious if they're past their sell-by date. This unit made power and just needed one new valve and attention to the wiring.