Selmer Truvoice Twin Selectortone

This was a Twin Selectortone from what is usually described as the 'blue-grey' period.

Personally I think this one looked more 'grey-grey'. The speakers had been changed but the electronics were mostly original, so the circuit and component layout should be typical of the type.

Sorry, the 'after' photographs of the rebuild have gone walkabout somewhere so this is just 'before', schematics and layouts.



Selmer Twin Selectortone front panel

1) Several reasons not to 'plug in and turn on' to test old equipment.

Selmer Twin Selectortone power section in situ
Selmer Twin Selectortone power section
Selmer Twin Selectortone power section damage

2) Power Section Schematic

The component numbers aren't from Selmer and only apply to this amp and these drawings. Parts in the preamp start at C1, R1 etc. Power section components start at C101, R101.

3) Power Section Layout

Selmer Truvoice Twin Selectortone Power Amp Layout

4) You can see why someone invented printed circuit boards. The preamp is a pig to work on. Metalwork has been bent to clear the non original speakers.

5) Preamp Section Schematic

This is the preamp schematic as found in TS/1506. It's different in several places to some other internet drawings. That may just be production changes (or I've b#####d it up).

Selmer Truvoice Twin Selectortone Preamp Schematic

6) Preamp Section Layout

Haven't had time to double check the layout yet so use it with caution. While your at it, spare a thought for the poor devils who had to assemble it in the first place.

Selmer Truvoice Twin Selectortone Preamp Layout