A collection of re-worked schematics and layouts that can difficult to find on the internet or hard to read.

If anyone wants to re-post them somewhere else, a site mention would be appreciated.

This information is aimed at people with some technical knowledge and test equipment and it won't really help if you haven't got both.

Probably some typo's or wiring mistakes but it's all free, so no complaints.

Doom and Gloom Part

Messing with old, beaten-up electrical equipment can be dangerous and it's really best left to somebody who knows what they’re doing

selmer echo 300 bw.jpg
AC120  Front_edited.png
Burns 410 PA Column_edited.png
Burns Orbit A_edited.png
Sonic 35 Front.jpg
S40L Front Panel.jpg
Laney 100 Watt Super PA Front.jpg
AC50 Front View.jpg
Truvoice Echo 200.jpg
Selectortone front comp.jpg
Golden Eagle.jpg
LP Montage.jpg
Dansette Senator 2.jpg
Ampeg Reverberocket Front View.jpg
DSCN2759 a.jpg
Tilt back_edited_edited.png